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The Microbusiness Help Desk

Peter Buck

Business advice for ACTUAL small businesses and solopreneurs. Small business used to mean mom & pop grocery stores, auto repair, the neighborhood pharmacy, etc. Today, "small" businesses can have up to 1,000 employees and $500 million in revenue and still qualify as "small" in the eyes of the government and financial institutions. As attention spans have gotten smaller, small business has gotten bigger, and the term is unfortunately now essentially meaningless. The problem is that owners of truly small business (read: micro business) have few resources to help them that are specific to businesses which are actually small in size and scope. Instead, we are stuck following millionaire moguls, 7-figure influencers, and government and finance industries -- all of which are gearing their advice towards larger "small" businesses. At best, you're following advice that just doesn't work; at worst, you're destroying your own business by focusing on the wrong things. As a fellow microbusiness owner, my goal is to talk about and explore concepts in small business, in the context of ACTUAL small businesses. Putting out as much free content as I can is part of my plan, so I encourage you to subscribe here, join my email list and blog at, and get in touch with me at if you have questions or want to hear an episode or read a blog post about a particular topic. You can also visit for a direct line to the microbusiness help desk - I read all messages and your question might just be featured in a future episode!